Piranha USB-FXO Adapter

  • Cost-effective PSTN connection
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • Low power consumption (powered via USB interface)
  • Visual status indication
  • Line protection based on resettable fuses
  • Ultra-small implementation
  • Fail-over to backup analog phone
  • RoHS-compliant



The Piranha USB-FXO Adapter is the first product in the Piranha USB Adapter™ family. This device simplifies and makes a cost-effective PSTN connection for telecommunication systems. Our design is ultra-compact – this USB-FXO adapter is designed to be a part of the actual cable between the PSTN jack in your wall and your system’s USB port. The adapter is produced in two configurations:

1) Standard Application:



2) Fail-over Application:

(provides a connection for a backup analog telephone)



  • Simple PSTN connection with load maximum 0.2 REN
  • Line protection based on resettable fuses
  • USB 2.0 compliant PBX connection
  • Powered via USB interface, maximum load 75 mA@5V
  • Fully supports Asterisk, and has direct connection to DAHDI 2.10
  • Supports fail-over on PSTN line to backup analog phone (in case of power outage,computer freeze, or system misbehaviour)
  • Field-upgradeable firmware
  • Ultra-small plastic enclosure: 95 mm. x 24 mm. x 23 mm.
  • Commercial operation temperature range: from 0°C to +75°C (optionally Industrial)
  • Weight 29g.
  • RoHS-compliant
  • Product of Canada


Product Manual

Product Driver – v3.0.4

Product Driver – v4.0.4

ChangeLog file




  • MiniUSB-to-USB type-A 6” cable
  • RJ11 phone cable
  • Phone line splitter (optional – used for fail-over support)


  • SKU-082-01 – Piranha USB-FXO Adapter (with fail-over support)
  • SKU-082-02 – Piranha USB-FXO Adapter (without fail-over support)(by special order only)


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