PCI to PCI Express Adapter

  • Plug-and-Play solution
  • No software required
  • Supports 5V (old) and 5V/3.3V (new) motherboards
  • Patented stabilization mechanism for add-in PCI Express boards



The PCI to PCI Express Adapter simply turns your computer’s existing PCI slot into a PCI Express slot. This provides a seamless interface for older PCI systems to accept new PCI Express devices – making it possible to utilize old test equipment (computers, PCI extenders, PCI bus analyzers etc.) during migration from PCI to the PCI Express interface.
There is no need to purchase additional software or to install new device drivers; simply plug & play!

  • Meets PCI Express 1.1 and PCI bus 3.0 specifications
  • PCI Express 2.5 Gbps per direction
  • PCI Express Single-line Port (one virtual channel)
  • Supports 32-bit 66 MHz PCI bus operation
  • 3.3 Volt I/O, 5 Volt tolerant PCI signals
  • Supports 5V (old) and 5V/3.3V (new) motherboards
  • IEEE-1149.1 JTAG Boundary Scan port is available to support system and board level testing
  • Mechanical support mechanism for stabilization of PCI Express boards plugged into the top connector(US Patent 7,255,570)
  • Allows you to connect two or more PCI to PCI Express Adapters together for better stability


Product Manual


  • PCI to PCI Express Adapter board with regular bracket


  • SKU-011-01 – PCI to PCI Express Adapter


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