32-bit PCI Bus Extender

  • Easy access to UUT in any computer case
  • Integrated Universal ByteBlaster
  • Supports ALTERA, XILINX, LATTICE for FPGA/CPLD programming
  • Supports hot-swap operation



The 32-bit PCI Extender was designed to support the development, debugging and verification of 32-bit PCI boards. The extender provides a complete PCI debugging platform that allows easy access to logic signals; it has over-current protection, and supports hot-swap operation.

  • The Extender has a straight PCI test connector and a right angle PCI test connector (optional)
  • Supports 5V and 3.3V signaling environments
  • Supports hot-swap operation
  • Supports external power supply for the generation of all PCI voltage levels for the PCI test connector (+5V, +12V, -12V, +3.3V and VIO (5V or 3.3V))
  • Power monitoring and current limiting for PCI test connector
  • FPGA byte blaster functionality for different types of FPGA (like Xilinx, Altera, Atmel, Lattice)
  • Extender is equipped with a test point header array with all PCI bus signals for logic analyzer hookup. It supports high-density logic analyzer adapters (Agilent E5339A, E5346A, E5351A) for fast plug-in
  • Patented mechanical design allows easy access to the connector on the UUT in any computer cases (US Patent 7,186,145)
  • Supports 2U and standard computer cases


Product Manual

Software Manual


  • PCI Extender with two brackets (regular and low profile)
  • Hot-swap software under Windows®/Linux/FreeBSD OS


  • SKU-001-01 – 32-bit PCI Bus Extender
  • SKU-001-02 – 32-bit PCI Bus Extender with right angle PCI connector


  • SKU-001-03 – Mini-extender supporting plug-in high density logic analyzer adapters (Agilent E5339A, E5346A, E5351A) – Straight version
  • SKU-001-04 – Mini-extender supporting plug-in high density logic analyzer adapters (Agilent E5339A, E5346A, E5351A) – Right Angel version
  • SKU-001-05 – PCI adapter (for supporting plug-in 3.3V PCI boards)


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