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Welcome to the official website of AMFELTEC Corporation.

Amfeltec Corporation is a leading provider of complex and innovative solutions for the world’s diverse electronics markets.

Amfeltec creations are unique because our software and hardware engineers not only have decades of experience, but they think outside-the-box. Creativity and expertise are a particularly powerful combination when the creators themselves have experienced the problems that their creations solve.

Amfeltec’s product lines are designed to suit the ever-changing world market: whichever way the wind of technological progress blows, our product line assortment will respect it. Most of Amfeltec’s products are covered by one or more United States patents.

The Amfeltec team is dedicated to its customers. Making an Amfeltec purchase is not simply shopping online: many customers have technical questions that require our attention, and we are always determined to ensure you get the necessary information to make the right selection from our product lines.





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